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Young girl with dyslexia enjoying reading a book after literacy intervention using Orton-Gillingham

Specializing in the treatment of speech & language disorders, reading difficulties, & dyslexia for all ages

Welcome to The Language Literacy Doctor!

Connecting the dots between speech, reading, and writing.

Cindy Conca, EdD., CCC-SLP speech therapist and reading specialist

Cindy Conca, EdD., CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Reading & Dyslexia Specialist

I am a speech-language pathologist with 36 years of clinical experience and a doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology & Reading Education. On my journey to becoming a reading and writing specialist, I have trained in a variety of research-based programs such as Orton-Gillingham, Reading with TLC, Brain Frames, EmPOWER for Writing, and Unlocking Sentences (Vivido Learning). I use elements of each program to help my clients reach their full potential.


As The Language Literacy Doctor, I holistically support speech, language, and literacy development for children of all ages. Whether a child struggles with making speech sounds, spelling words, or understanding what they read at school, I can offer strategies and tools to help them succeed. Learn more about my professional experience here


The Language Literacy Doctor provides specialized diagnosis and treatment of language-based learning disabilities, including reading difficulties and dyslexia for children, teens, and adults. We also provide Dyslexia Advocacy services.

Speech Therapy

Language Therapy

Literacy & Dyslexia

Dyslexia Advocacy

Are you a speech pathologist looking for mentorship focused on building a literacy-focused practice? 

Middle school child writing with a pencil
Interested in scheduling an appointment? Here’s the process.

Step 1

Free Phone Consultation.
Reach out to learn more about my services, discuss your concerns, and determine whether we are a good fit. I will review your insurance information and payment policies at this time and schedule a time to meet.

Step 2

Comprehensive Evaluation.
During our first sessions, I will complete a thorough evaluation and review of records. This process will give me a good picture of you or your child's speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, and allow me to make an accurate diagnosis.

Step 3

Services Begin. 
We will meet for therapy at a time and frequency that works for your schedule. Home practice activities will occasionally be provided to reinforce skills taught in sessions, such as sound and word practice. This is where the growth happens!

We Offer In-Person & Online Therapy Options


In-person therapy sessions are held in my central therapy office. Comprehensive speech, language, literacy, and dyslexia services are available to families near Virginia Beach, VA.


Speech-language teletherapy sessions are available to all residents of Virginia. Orton-Gillingham literacy intervention services are virtually accessible to children anywhere in the world.

getting started
Elementary age child in speech therapy working on speech sounds
See what clients are saying...

"Cindy's years of experience are evident in her knowledge and ability to always present fresh ideas and suggestions."

Cindy's years of experience are evident in her knowledge and ability to always present fresh ideas and suggestions... Her team-minded approach allows me to coordinate a plan that integrates school and home goals successfully. Her professionalism, kindness, and patience puts my child and myself at ease each session. Plainly put, she is a joy to work with.

~ Kyra

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