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Our Approach to Interventions for Literacy Disorders & Dyslexia

Science of Reading

Dr. Conca uses instructional approaches aligned with the ‘Science of Reading’. The Science of Reading is a vast, interdisciplinary body of scientifically-based research about reading and issues related to reading and writing (The Reading League [TRL]. 2022)


Here is a website that discusses and explains the Science of Reading:

Vivido ~ Writing Program

Dr. Conca uses VividoLearning to help her clients with making learning visible! This can be done with

  • Brain Frames: When expression is hard to follow, Comprehension breaks down, and ideas are disorganized…. Visual Tools that Organize Language

  • EmPower: When academic writing is weak, you have difficulty getting started writing, and your written output is limited……A Method for Teaching Expository Writing

  • Unlocking Sentences: When you have poor reading comprehension, problems with grammar, and poor working memory….. A Method for teaching Sentence-level Reading Comprehension



Vivido ~ Writing Program

Structured Word Inquiry

COMING SOON! Training in progress.

Dr. Conca will soon be offering Structured Word Inquiry to help clients with reading and spelling!!!!

“Structured word inquiry” Bowers and Kirby (2010) literacy instruction engages learners of all ages and abilities by making sense of our surprisingly logical spelling system. English spelling can only be understood through scientific investigation of the interrelationship of morphology (bases & affixes), etymology (historical influences) and phonology (grapheme-phoneme correspondences).

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