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Pediatric Services

Comprehensive Evaluations & Therapy

Helping children improve their:
 Sound & letter awareness
 Reading comprehension
 Reading fluency
 Vocabulary knowledge
 Speech sound production
 Spoken & written expression

Speech-Language Evaluations

Speech and language evaluations allow me to develop a deep understanding of your child's communication skills. My evaluation process is tailored to the needs of each child, but typically includes testing of the following:

  • Speech sound accuracy

  • Intelligibility

  • Receptive language skills

  • Expressive language skills

  • Pragmatic language skills

Once testing is complete, I will analyze and interpret my findings in a written report. I take the time to meet with parents to go over the results, answer questions, and discuss my recommendations for therapy. In some cases, this process may take multiple sessions. 

Literacy Evaluations

Literacy/dyslexia evaluations offer a comprehensive profile of your child's spoken and written language skills. The evaluation process allows me to get a complete picture of your child's strengths and weaknesses to make a proper diagnosis. Areas tested include: 

  • Expressive and receptive language

  • Phonological awareness 

  • Reading fluency

  • Reading comprehension

  • Phonics knowledge

  • Written expression

If applicable, I will also review your child's current IEP report or prior evaluations. A dyslexia diagnosis may be provided based on the data collected during testing.

Teen in online social skills therapy
Child reading a comic in reading intervention literacy therapy
Elementary children learning to read

Speech Therapy

Articulation Errors ~ Phonological Disorders

Speech therapy sessions are goal-oriented and guided by your child's individual speech sound errors. I determine the nature of their errors - articulation or phonological - and help them practice accurate speech sounds during engaging activities and games. Speech therapy will help your child speak clearly, monitor their own speech, and confidently communicate with others.

  • Produce all age-appropriate sounds

  • Adjust positioning of oral muscles

  • Speak clearly and intelligibly 

  • Learn accurate speech sound patterns

  • Self-correct sound errors

  • Reduce frustration and communication breakdowns


Language Therapy

Receptive Language Disorders ~ Expressive Language Disorders ~ Social Language Challenges

My structured play activities will help your child understand and use language - in both spoken and written forms! Language therapy sessions are tailored to the needs of your individual child to support a variety of academic skills, including: vocabulary, sentence comprehension, grammar, and verbal organization. Parent coaching is also provided to allow for practice and growth between sessions.

  • Following directions

  • Comprehending sentences

  • Learning new vocabulary words

  • Using proper grammar and word order

  • Generating complex sentences

  • Telling or re-telling stories

  • Summarizing information

  • Verbal and written expression

  • Pragmatic/social language skills


Literacy Intervention

Dyslexia ~ Reading Difficulties ~ Spelling Challenges ~ Writing Difficulties

My literacy intervention sessions include structured and multi-sensory experiences to help your child gain essential skills for reading, spelling, and writing. Based on your child's specific literacy challenges, I will use a combination of principles from the Orton-Gillingham approach, Reading with TLC, and Vivido Learning to help them reach their goals.  

  • Phonological awareness

  • Phonics knowledge

  • Reading fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Reading comprehension

  • Written expression

  • Decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling)


Virtual therapy and online reading intervention services are available!

Teletherapy is an effective intervention model for many children. I provide Orton-Gillingham literacy intervention services to children all around the world through an online platform, and I offer virtual speech-language therapy sessions to Virginia residents.

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The Language Literacy Doctor specializes in comprehensive speech, language, literacy, and dyslexia services for children.

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