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Specializing in the treatment of reading difficulties, dyslexia, language disorders, & speech therapy for all ages

mother and child with dyslexia reading

Welcome to The Language Literacy Doctor!

Connecting the dots between speech, reading, and writing.

Cindy Conca, EdD., CCC-SLP speech-language pathologist and reading specialist

Cindy Conca, EdD., CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Reading & Dyslexia Specialist

I am a speech-language pathologist with 36 years of clinical experience and a doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology & Reading Education. On my journey to becoming a reading and writing specialist, I have trained in a variety of research-based programs such as Orton-Gillingham, Reading with TLC, Brain Frames, EmPOWER for Writing, and Unlocking Sentences (Vivido Learning). I use elements of each program to help my clients reach their full potential.


As The Language Literacy Doctor, I holistically support speech, language, and literacy development for children of all ages. Whether a child struggles with making speech sounds, spelling words, or understanding what they read at school, I can offer strategies and tools to help them succeed. Learn more about my professional experience here


The Language Literacy Doctor provides specialized diagnosis and treatment of language-based learning disabilities, including reading & writing difficulties, and dyslexia for children, teens, and adults. We also provide Dyslexia Advocacy services.

Literacy & Dyslexia Intervention

Therapy for dyslexia, reading, and writing takes a "root-cause" approach to focus intervention on the skills that will lead to the greatest success.

Speech & Language Therapy

I work with children, teens, and adults with language-based learning disabilities and speech sound disorders. 

Dyslexia Advocacy & Parent Consulting

If you are a parent who feels like the schools are not meeting your child's needs, I can help.I provide dyslexia advocacy, IEP review, and more to parents nationwide. 

Are you a speech pathologist looking for mentorship focused on building a literacy-focused practice?  I now offer coaching to guide you in adding literacy assessments and instruction to your practice.

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Interested in scheduling an appointment? Here’s the process.

Step 1

Free Phone Consultation.
Reach out to learn more about my services, discuss your concerns, and determine whether we are a good fit. We will also schedule a time to meet.

Step 2

Comprehensive Evaluation.
During our first sessions, I will complete a thorough evaluation and review of records. This process will give me a good picture of you or your child's skills and allow me to make an accurate diagnosis.

Step 3

Services Begin. 
We will meet for therapy at a time and frequency that works for your schedule. Home practice activities will occasionally be provided to reinforce skills taught in sessions. This is where the growth happens!

We Offer In-Person & Online Therapy Options


In-person therapy sessions are held in my central therapy office. Comprehensive speech, language, literacy, and dyslexia services are available to families near Virginia Beach, VA.


Speech-language teletherapy sessions are available to all residents of Virginia. Parent Coaching and Orton-Gillingham literacy intervention services are virtually accessible to children anywhere in the world.

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